Fresh, local goodness at the Downtown Woodstock BIA Farmers Market

Oxford County is located in the heart and soul of Ontario’s agricultural endeavors.  Our nutrient-rich land allows for all sorts of produce to grow and animals to graze.  From fresh beef and dairy supplies to a broad selection of produce, it’s easy to eat local this time of year.

Every Thursday from now until October 6th, a handpicked selection of unique vendors will line museum square in Woodstock between 12 and 5pm to sell their fresh produce, baked goods, wines, meats, dairy and more!  This year, expect a few new vendors on site as well as the old favourites like Todd’s Dogs and Let’s Eat Cake.


Fresh Meat, Dairy and Produce

The market has loads to offer in terms of fresh nutritious food for you and your family.   Perry’s Corners Farm has you covered with a full stock of fresh cut grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured chicken and pork from their old school house farm in Blanford Blenheim.  If it’s tomatoes you seek, check out Red Barn is known for toasted tomato sandwich worthy beefsteaks.  For premium apple cider and a selection of Ontario apples check Sun Ray Orchards or Binnendyke’s Orchards and get them straight from the source.  Of course you can also pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables like asparagus, potatoes and more.


Prepared Treats

Of course we love our fruits and veggies but it’s also nice to snack on something sweet at the farmers market.  With savory smells wafting through the air, we can’t blame you!  New this year, check out Oxford General Bakery who creates grilled cheese sandwiches oozing with cheesey goodness and croissants that are to die for.  Let’s Eat Cake also offers some classic brownies, scones, cookies and more to satisfy your sweet tooth.  If that’s STILL not enough (you must be hungry)…try grabbing a hot dog from Todd’s Dogs.  He orders his dogs from an Ontario producer using a special recipe that you won’t find at every foodtruck.

Odds and Ends

One thing we love about the Woodstock BIA Farmers Market is the variety of vendors like Hunters Rocks and Metals to the great selection of reasonably priced wine from Pillitteri Estates Winery (new this year), it’s pretty tough to go home empty handed.  Be sure to stop in at Wild Comfort, where Danielle has crafted a beautiful selection of artisan soaps (check out our favourite, anise mint), shampoos, deodorants and creams. Pure Soy Natural has  loads of homemade candles.  If you’re at the market to get fresh food, don’t forget to have your knives sharpened too with Jeff from Sharp My Knife!  After that…happy eating everyone!


About Tourism Oxford

Located in Southern Ontario, between Toronto and Windsor on the 401 Highway. Agricultural by nature, with farmers' markets, award winning cheesemakers, wonderful history, culture, art and hiking trails for nature and bird lovers. Visit our website and start your adventure.
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