Being the Dairy Capital just comes easily

NorwichMuseumSqueezeToCheeseWe often get asked “Why is Oxford County the Dairy Capital of Canada?”  Here are a few fun facts explaining why.

Over 1 billion served annually (glasses of milk naturally)

Oxford County leads Ontario in milk production, producing over 1 billion glasses of milk each year.  Good soil, good crops mean high quality milk is produced in the region.  Some of this milk is taken and turned into the award winning cheeses found on the Oxford County Cheese Trail.

Milk Delivery is a real thing!

Oxford County residents can still have milk, and cheese, delivered right to their door.  I saw Lies (Blue Cow Delivery) when she was picking up supplies at Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese and snapped this picture. If you don’t live in Oxford you can still meet Lies at her Woodstock Farmers Market booth every Saturday.

Lies of Blue Cow Delivery with her van

Cow Selfies!

The Springbank Snow Countess (yes that was her name) broke the world record for butterfat production and held the record for 21 years.  Visit her in the City of Woodstock on the corner of Dundas St and Springbank Ave. Take your #DairyCapital photo, it is udderly fantastic.


Udderly Awesome Events:

Woodstock is home to several events that pay homage to the bovine and our dairy heritage. Join the herd of runners in the Dairy Capital Run (costumes optional) or cyclists in the Dairy Capital Stampede.  For a hands-on event enter the cow milking competition at Cowapolooza. For a gourmet affair attend  Dairy Capital Cheese Fest.  This family friendly food show and drink show features Ontario cheeses, restaurants, entertainment, craft beer and wine. Everyone loves a grilled cheese truck!

milking a cow

Home of Ross Butler
Many school children learned the difference between a Holstein and Jersey thanks to Ross Butler’s livestock paintings. Ross was also the first person to make sculptures from butter – resulting in it being a regular feature at the Royal Winter Fair.  Visit the Ross Butler Gallery, operated by his son David, to learn more about this amazing man.

Oxford is also home to Janice Marshall who travels North America photographing livestock.  You can visit her home gallery, Just-a-Few-Fotos,  just down the road from Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese.  Interesting fact – the last two trademarks for the Canadian Jersey Association were designed by Oxford County Artists (Ross & Janice).

Home to a Cheese Trail

Locally there are 8 cheese companies and over 70 varieties of cheese made here.  Oxford County’s slogan is our rural roots are showing – and this is the case for dairy and cheese.  Travel the Oxford County Cheese Trail visiting museums for hands on experiences, restaurants, artisans and of course cheese makers.  Try the trail today.

The Cheese Trail is hosting Big Cheese Days several times annually.  During these days visitors can travel the cheese trail to enjoy limited time offers, special meals, deals and experiences. The first Big Cheese Days is being held May 13-14, 2016. Get details here

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.30.18 PM

About Tourism Oxford

Located in Southern Ontario, between Toronto and Windsor on the 401 Highway. Agricultural by nature, with farmers' markets, award winning cheesemakers, wonderful history, culture, art and hiking trails for nature and bird lovers. Visit our website and start your adventure.
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3 Responses to Being the Dairy Capital just comes easily

  1. Stefan Cartmale says:

    Not to mention historical cheese events such as the World’s Biggest Cheese to the World Fair from Ingersoll, the Cairn in Norwich dedicated to the history if cheese making in Oxford and Canada’s Oldest Canadian Registered, Independant Ceese Factory (true fact) – The Bright Cheese and Butter Mfg. Co. Ltd. 1874

  2. Sue Hilborn says:

    And what about the guy who couldn’t go to the World Premier of the Prisioner of Zenda, in New York City , from the only Zenda in the World… Because someone had to stay home to watch the cheese. Lloyd Topham. Now there is an Oxford trivia question for you

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