Sushi Cove creating edible works of art

IMG_3460As they celebrate the one year anniversary of Sushi Cove, Peter and Jolie Kim couldn’t be happier to be part of the Woodstock community.

When they came to Canada in 2008 they did not know one day they would own their restaurant. Peter was a mechanical engineer and Jolie a registered nurse in their home country of South Korea. Arriving in Vancouver, the Kims moved to Toronto but longed for life in a small town where they could work, live and truly become part of their community. The opportunity for a position at Woodstock General Hospital became the catalyst for Jolie’s dream to be realized. Peter worked in London area restaurants to support Jolie’s passion only to discover his own.

“Peter always liked cooking at home,” Jolie explained. “He discovered through his support for my dream to work as a registered nurse his true passion: Japanese and Asian cuisine. So now it is my turn to support Peter as he pursues his dream with Sushi Cove.”

Peter is passionate about sushi and works to provide the highest quality food at the most reasonable prices. Nothing is pre-bought, everything is homemade including all the sauces. The menu and presentation of fresh, delicious ingredients has garnered Sushi Cove a loyal following. Rave reviews along with stunning photos of Peter’s dishes, which look like edible works of art, have awarded with as a Trip Advisor recommended destination.

IMG_3455Favourites include White Castle Roll, Cove Sashimi and Monkey’s Tear Roll but it isn’t just the exquisite and creative menu that keeps customers coming back for more. Peter and Jolie are gracious hosts; their staff is warm and friendly. They truly enjoy their work and service in the community.

“We wanted to work and live in Woodstock and love it here,” said Jolie. “We appreciate Woodstock General Hospital giving me the opportunity to pursue my career and now support Peter with Sushi Cove.”

Licensed for beer and wine, a visit to Sushi Cove is a culinary experience of Asian and Japanese cuisine you would expect in larger centres like Toronto.

For more information please visit their website or telephone, 519-290-2683.

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