Forgotten New Year’s Resolutions

Generally, people think of the future at this time of year. They question what the next year will bring and attempt to make formidable resolutions, even though they know these resolutions will be long forgotten by the end of January. After thorough and exhaustive research, I have uncovered some forgotten New Year’s resolutions by some of this county’s more memorable individuals.

In 1860, while shopping in Innerkip, Thomas Cook promised himself that he would spend more money on hats than whiskey.

In 1867, Dr. Emily Stowe promised to stop reading romance novels and to only read medical books from now on.

In 1882, George Leslie MacKay promised he would write home more.

In 1885 Cassie Chadwick promised to pay closer attention to the newspapers for word of any rich man in town.

In 1889, Reginald Birchall promised his wife Florence that he would take her some place warm the following year.

In 1891 Edwin Tillson promised himself that he would limit his morning oatmeal intake from two cups to one cup in order to fit into a new pair of britches.

In 1917 Joe Boyle promised that with the coming of the new year, he would read up on Romanian history.

In 1925, Aimee Sample MacPherson made sketches for two churches to be built in Oxford County.

With New Year’s resolutions the idea is to challenge yourself on a small scale, then achieve it. Want to save money? Start by limiting your daily coffees. Want to keep your head? Sorry Thomas, I can’t help you there.

Happy New Year!




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