Wienerfest: A Pawfully Good Time!

Where can you find thousands of wiener dogs all in one place? Wienerfest Home County Festival of course! Founded in 2000, The Wienerfest Home County Festival  promises to be one for the books. With celebrity dogs, sport competitions, dachshund shopping and games – all are welcome to come out in Embro, Ontario each June. This of course includes well behaved dogs (and owners) of all breeds.

Each year, a celebrity dog is featured at the festival and it is always a major draw.  Past guests include Obie, the dog who was incredibly obese but through the hard work and care of his owner he managed to lose 50 pounds in one year.  After making his first visit to Canada attending Wienerfest Home County Festival, he jetted off to New York to be on Good Morning America the next day!  Crusoe (named after Robinson Crusoe), the celebrity dachshund has also been a major star on the scene. With his own book deal and over 270,000 Facebook followers, he was a crowd pleaser.    Check out this hilarious video of Crusoe and his brother Oakley who was also  at Wienerfest.

On site, dog owners can  ask both a trainer and veterinarian questions about their pets. This is a great opportunity to learn about dachshunds and how to train and raise your dog in the healthiest way possible!

If your doxie is a spirited little rascal, why not have them compete? The festival features all sorts of dachshund races including puppy races, special capable races and “honorary dachshund” races for dogs of other breeds.   You can apply to race on the Wienerfest website.  Moreover, dogs can take part in a yogurt licking contest, costume contests, bob for wieners and have their photo taken in true wiener style. Finally, owners can stroll through a plethora of vendors that appeal to dog owners of all breeds and participate in a treasure hunt to win prizes.


Not only is Wienerfest a great time, but it is a worthy cause to support. All proceeds for the day go towards the rescue of endangered and homeless pets.  If you would like to volunteer at Wienerfest please see the website for details.  Wienerfest always packs the fun and humour of the dog breed itself. You won’t want to miss it!

By: Gabrielle Bossy, Tourism Oxford

About Tourism Oxford

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