Flagon Slayer: The Fairest Gruit in All the Land

Flagon Slayer is a beer that really makes you feel medieval. Prepared by Railway City Brewing Company in partnership with Wildflowers Tea to be featured at Oxford Renaissance Festival, Flagon Slayer is a gruit beer. This means that the beer is brewed completely hop-free. As the name hints, gruits were actually quite a common drink during the medieval era. The taste of hops is most often replaced with various herbs and spices.

The name was selected via a social media campaign by Oxford Renaissance Festival. When taken to the festival board and those at Railway City Brewing Company, Flagon Slayer was the name that came out on top! A flagon is actually a medieval drinking vessel most often made of pewter.


For those who do not enjoy the bitter flavour of hops, this may be the beer for you. With flowery, aromatic flavours being prominent, one can taste the additions of lavender and honey as well as a subtle spice note. The gruit is very similar to a wheat beer with a nice clean finish, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy all summer long.   Pair this sweet tasting beer with a fresh salad featuring fruits like mango and you’ve found a great summer meal.

Quantities of Flagon Slayer are limited and can be purchased at the Railway City Brewing Company retail store in larger 650mL bottles, as well as select restaurants and bars including Oxford Kitchen in Woodstock. Your best guarantee for trying this one-of-a-kind batch however, is at the Oxford Renaissance Festival where you can purchase a commemorative cup to go along with your gruit. The gruit is one of many reasons to visit the Oxford Renaissance Festival this year with live jousting, comedy and excellent musical acts going on as well! Be sure to release your inner knight and try Flagon Slayer before it runs out.

Buy tickets and learn more about the Oxford Renaissance Festival.

By: Gabrielle Bossy, Tourism Oxford

About Tourism Oxford

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