10 fun maple-y shopping finds!

March is the month of maple but syrup should not be the only thing on your shopping list! The rich sweetness that our fabulous Canadian maple products are known for has crept its way into all sorts of fun, quirky and unique items. We’ve picked our 10 favourite finds just for you and hope you give them a try.

CoylesCandianBeaverDroppingsPortrait1.  Canadian Beaver Droppings
It doesn’t really get more Canadian than maple beaver droppings.  Don’t be scared off by the name; these treats are maple peanut and they’re not only fun to share but are deliciously flavoured with pure maple syrup.You can pick these droppings up (no gloves required) at Coyle’s Country Store in Tillsonburg where an entire aisle of mapley goodness awaits you.

photo 1

2.  Cooking with Maple Essentials
Maple is the name of the game at Olde Bakery Cafe in Ingersoll where one can find maple apple topping for cheese, maple mustard and maple vinaigrette.  While there, stay and enjoy a meal from their seasonal maple menu.


3. Gourmet Maple Chocolate
Jakemans and local chocolatier, Cindy Walker, have partnered to create a delicious maple chocolate.  Bite into this creamy chocolate while dreaming of the lake. These gourmet chocolates are available at Jakeman’s or Cindy’s shop, Chocolatea.

jakemanpopcorn4.Jakeman’s Maple Popcorn
Jakeman’s Maple Farm is known for so much more than syrup.  Their caramel-inspired Maple Popcorn made with their delicious syrup is bound to leave you with a never ending sweet tooth. Order online or visit the historic shop in Sweaburg.

Coyles MaplePepper5.Savoury Favourites Maple Pepper
Coyle’s makes the list again with  Savoury Favourites Maple Pepper. This gluten-free, kosher seasoning is basically three ingredients: Canadian maple sugar, pepper and salt. Sprinkle it over grilled salmon or even use it on your bacon for an added kick.  PatinasMaple

6.  Patina’s Maple Cream Candle
Light this and your whole house will smell sweetly Canadian. Patina’s is located in Ingersoll and more information can be found on their Facebook page. Also check out their assortment of Canadian Pottery for a decadent way to serve maple syrup at brunch.

7.  Maple Sausage
McCully’s Hill Farm is known for their special recipe maple pork sausages using their maple syrup and whole pork hog.  The meat will melt in your mouth with the sweet tinge of maple. While there, don’t forget to test out their maple butter tarts…after all this is all in the name of science.


8. Maple Whiskey BBQ Sauce
Add a little kick to your maple treats by visiting Janet’s Gift Shop and starting the BBQ season with some Maple Whiskey BBQ Sauce.  If you’re in search of even more delicious maple condiments, try out the maple bacon aioli to dress up your breakfast sandwich.

Sundown Farms Maple

9. Howard’s Maple Syrup
Shop everything local at Sundown Farms Country Market, including Howard’s Maple Syrup. This local farm market is located at the corner of Cranberry Line & Airport Road.


10.  Sugar Shack Maple Soy Candle
Last but not least: Check out Country Moment Candles, in Ingersoll, for their Sugar Shack Maple soy candle. This candle is a part of their Truly Canadian candle series that with fun names and wooden wicks will crackle when lit.

Meredith Maywood, Tourism Oxford

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  1. josiesvoice says:

    With the way we keep having our Atlantic blizzards here, maple sap can’t be tapped just yet. Anyhow,thanks for the great article.

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