An Enchanted Improv Night

Funky Decor

The Enchanted Theatre Company is known for its funky décor.

It was a typical February night in Woodstock – bitterly cold with winds howling as residents briskly moved from one spot to another.  Yet, it was pleasingly warm inside the Enchanted Theatre Company’s cozy Main Street hideaway.  A packed house of patrons was seated amongst the funky décor of retro tables and chairs geared up for the start-up of the monthly Improv Night.

“The Improv Night is probably our most popular event,” says owner/artistic director Kim Watson. “We get anywhere from 40 up to the capacity 60 people because they know they’ll laugh. Its family focused so it’s ideal for little kids and seniors alike. This is about having fun and that’s what we love doing.”


Visiting teams take on the Enchanted Theatre Stripes home team.

Each month local residents volunteer to challenge the Stripes in the art of improv. The two teams take on challenges provided by the judges and suggestions from the audience.  Fun challenges include pocket lines, freeze, scenes from a hat, a day in the life of, infomercials, party perks and more.  On this special anniversary evening the House team the “Stripes” was challenging an enthusiastic group from Woodstock Collegiate Institute (WCI).  Thank you to the fearless entertainers for providing a night of laughter.


Props, audience participation, and word play bring out the laughs.

The room screams fun, from the wild surreal décor to the energy of the audience.  Within moments the audience is munching handfuls of potato chips, laughing loudly at the improvisation and antics on stage.  The funny folk on stage find themselves having to fashion on-the-spot dialogue for their scenes from such classic lines as Oliver Hardy’s “that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into” or the classic Star Wars “may the Force be with you”.


Everyone gets into the show including the judges

Master improv comics like Robin Williams and his mentor Jonathan Winters would surely get a kick out of watching energetic local stars transforming a shoe into a baby or explaining the thoughts of a mime. Their antics even had the judges in stitches, along with the audience – just what Kim, daughter and artistic associate Jessica, artistic coordinator Mallory Rivest and the whole company love to see.

Improv Night is the tip of the iceberg.  If you want to learn more, then check out the Enchanted Theatre Website

Party crashers, thespians, pirates and fairies await your inquiry!

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