Five Family Fun things to do this long weekend!

Everyone looks forward to the Civic Long Weekend.  There is nothing like the middle of summer except a perfect long weekend. And the perfect weekend can be done, even in Oxford County.

Staycationing right now seems popular with a lot of people since pennies aren’t stretched as far these days. Oh wait, we don’t have pennies anymore! Let me rephrase that… nickles aren’t stretched as far these days!!!

Well, if you are sticking around or even visiting Oxford County for the weekend and you are looking for fun things for your family to do, I have a few suggestions…


Splish, Splash, Play at Lake Lisgar Waterpark

If you haven’t discovered Lake Lisgar Water Park yet, you are in for a treat!  Everyone likes to get wet, and this pool is very inviting for all ages with a graduated entry.  It’s perfect for little ones who just want to play in a few inches of water, or for anyone who would just like to wade into the pool without having to jump in or climb a ladder. Of course there are all the fun slides, spray hoses and water activities too. The sparkling water is just so inviting!

Leaping Deer

So much fun at Leaping Deer Adventure Farm & Market

If you love farm animals, big & small, ducks, lamas, pigs and owls or to take on the challenge of exploring the Corn Maze, make Leaping Deer Adventure Farm a place to visit.  Better yet, check out their website and have your children click on their sign post at the upper right corner and then on Farmer Budd and see what happens.  Be sure you have your volume on.


What a Squeaky Cheesy place to play!

I have visited the Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum many times and have found the history very interesting.  A little culture never hurt anyone. I am sure you will get the feel of what it was like to go to an old school house, or how they made cheese and see items of yesteryear, but the real treat is the Cheesy playground out back.  Lots of Cheesy play equipment and a cheesy bench or two for you!  It’s the perfect photo opportunity.  Keep it a secret until you get there.


“I feel a nibble! Do you!” “Nope. Are you sure you had a nibble?”

I remember when I was young, and the picnic cooler was on the kitchen table.  My dad would be in the garage rustling around.  It meant we were going fishing!  Our family did this quite often when I was growing up.  When my dad was young, there wasn’t a ‘fishing hole’ around that he didn’t know about. Check out the Pittock Conservation Area fishing derby!  Get your fishing gear ready and head on over.  You’ve never fished before and you don’t have a pole?  Well, don’t let that stop you. Call ahead and ask about their TackleShare program and give fishing a try.  You can purchase bait there as well.  Once you hook a fish and reel it in, you will be a fisherman/fisherwoman or fisherkid for life!

Picnic basket

Whats in your picnic basket?

I mentioned the picnic basket/cooler above. Picnics always bring back special memories, whether it is like the fishing outings or family gatherings, or just a visit to the park.  Oxford County has so many lovely parks with wide open spaces to run, have an impromptu game of base ball, doge ball, throw a Frisbee or a game of tag. There are usually swings, slides and water of some sort: pond, river, or splash pad. There are perfect places to create special memories with your family who will look back someday with fondness. If you are looking for parks and need some yummy  ideas on what to pack for a picnic lunch, see our Tourism Oxford Pinterest Boards for some great treat ideas to pack and how to keep your food safe to eat.  Don’t forget you can take a portable BBQ too!  You can always stop at a bakery  and pick up some sweets or stop at a fresh fruit and vegetables stand or Farmers’ Market along the way.  The combinations are endless. Check out these Foodie stops to load up your basket.

Just remember to gather those close to you, your children, parents, brothers and sisters and include some good friends.  Have the best long weekend ever!

Created by Jeanne Turner, Tourism Oxford

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About Tourism Oxford

Located in Southern Ontario, between Toronto and Windsor on the 401 Highway. Agricultural by nature, with farmers' markets, award winning cheesemakers, wonderful history, culture, art and hiking trails for nature and bird lovers. Visit our website and start your adventure.
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