Ross Butler Studio, Woodstock, Ontario

StudioDo you have a love of farm animals, especially cows? Do you love original art and sculpture? Do you appreciate all the time and effort that goes into a painting or sculpture then have I got a place for you!
Visit the Ross Butler Studio located just off the 401 in Woodstock.

Ross has passed on but his paintings and sculptures are alive and well in his studio. His son, David Butler, now runs the studio and is extremely happy to talk about his father’s passion for painting.

David will enlighten you on how his father got started, the trials and tribulations he went through and all of his successes as well. David speaks of his father with such love and pride it warms the heart. He describes in detail the paintings and sculptures his father made, why he made them and who he made them for. He will regale you with stories about growing up with such a passionate father and about life on the farm. David can take you through all the mediums his father used from pencil, charcoal and ink to pastels and oils. Every painting is painted with such love and precision you’ll think of taking up painting! Ask David how his father was instrumental in founding the Oxford Museum. One of Ross’ favorite events was attending the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, and he painted a portrait of her truly amazing! What would you say if I told you that butter can be used for something other than buttering toast? Ask David about his father’s Butter Sculptures, a creamy dreamy unique way to use butter!
If you every find a Dawes Black Horse Brewery sculpture don’t pass it off in a yard sale, it could be worth $1500 to $2000. This is another treasure by Ross Butler.

There are so many stories and treasures to hear and explore at the Ross Butler Studio, drop by and see for yourself!

Contact Information
Ross Butler Studio
708 Pattullo Ave., R.R. #4
Woodstock, ON
N4S 7V8

Posted By: Debbie Solta, Cultural Event Co-ordinator

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2 Responses to Ross Butler Studio, Woodstock, Ontario

  1. Rick says:

    Have a dawes black horse statue does it have a value

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